Video | Dries. Dazed.

Yesterday I thought I couldn't care less about fashion, then I saw this… Oh, the thrill! ♥

Ice-Cream of the Week | White Chocolate Ice-Cream

Psynopsis White Chocolate Ice-Cream with Fruit Syrup
This one is still in its experimentation phase – because while all 'test eaters' said they liked it I feel it could do with some tweaking.* Perhaps it just needs really top quality white chocolate... But if you want to give it a go, the recipe does not disappoint in giving you a creamy, cold, white chocolate kick. You’ll need...


Ice-Cream of the Week | Salted Caramel Ice-Cream & Almond Toffee

Psynopsis Salted Caramel Ice-Cream and Almond Toffee
Burnt sugar + salt… This is one of my absolute favourites, and these days no self-respecting ice-cream parlour can not offer their own version of salted caramel. The recipe here is based on the wonderful and inspiring San Franciscan Bi-Rite Creamery. The ice-cream is absolutely delicious on its own, but personally I like to add pieces of Almond Toffee because...
a) I love chunky bits in my ice-cream, b) I'm a total glutton, and c) It makes it even more delightful.

So let's get going. For the ice-cream you'll need:


Ice-Cream of the Week | Green Tea Ice-Cream

Psynopsis Green Tea Ice-Cream
Ok, so we covered the basics: Vanilla and Chocolate - It's time to get experimental. Like tea flavoured ice-cream… One of my favourites is Earl Gray but every time I make it it nearly leads to divorce – Green Tea on the other hand we both love. Plus, it's health ice-cream actually, isn't it?! Sarah doesn't agree though… 'Too strong, too weird, too little sugar'*. You tell me…


Life | Into the Looking Glass

Psynopsis Into the Looking Glass
A Q&A. Like we used to do in the good old blogging days… Before we stopped oversharing and started filtering what we actually wanted the world to know about us. Honestly, this was a difficult one – not only because it challenged the limits of what I usually share on the net but also because it forced me into some introspection… But it seems I can never say no to Dancing Branflakes, so here goes…

4.// Tell us something we don't know about you.
Mmmh, how about...

I do work out. A bit.
I used to teach ashtanga yoga, but these days my daily routine consists of 15 minutes jumping around. It's as much yoga as I still enjoy doing and it wakes me up in the morning.

Weird food habits.
I don't like hot food and mainly live of self-baked sour dough bread, vegetables from the garden, self-made ice-cream and my man's sushi (yes, I'm lucky with him).

The travelling past
We celebrated my 6th birthday for 2 days because my family and I were flying over the dateline from Australia to the US that day. This was in the 70s and I happily called myself a frequent flyer child.


Berlin | Beauty & The Ignorant

Psynopsis Between Time Showroom Berlin 1

Psynopsis Between Time Showroom Berlin 2

Psynopsis Between Time Showroom Berlin 3

Psynopsis Between Time Showroom Berlin 4
When you marry breathtaking architecture with beautiful furniture and interesting art the outcome is: A very special space – which is what Gisbert Pöppler und Erik Hofstetter have created with their showroom 'Between Time'. A place where you can just wander about and marvel at the beauty of the compositions or – if you feel so inclined and your wallet allows it – you can acquire the pieces.

After weeks of spending the days trying on my bikini collection I loved it there. So sophisticated! And my usual method of stumbling around, from time to time throwing myself onto the floor to get the best shot of a chair led to a chat with an extremely nice guy – ending with me asking: "And who are you?" "I'm Gisbert…" Oh well, shoot me now. Time to go back to the vegetables. ♥


Art | Cracks & Holes

Psynopsis Ceramic Antonio Wittig A beautiful piece by Imre Schrammel from the 1970s. ♥

Video | Lady in Black

Ready for a dance off? The coolest horse + one of my favourite songs = This video makes me happy every time I watch it. It's about nail varnish? Oh well. ♥


Ice-Cream of the Week | Super-Chocolaty Chocolate Ice-Cream

Psynopsis Self-Made Chocolate Ice-Cream
Time for the 2nd installment of the Ice-Cream SeriesAnd, bien sûr, after Vanilla it has to be Chocolate. I never was a big a fan of chocolate ice-cream - but then I started making my own, and this one is totally addictive. Even more so with the addition of chocolate chips (I think)...

Video | The Abramovic Method

The weird and wonderful Lady G.


Style | Monochrome

Psynopsis Monochrome Summer Outfit
Sarah's go-to for this summer - White silk shirt, black cut-offs, black socks, white trainers... It's all about easy living these days. ♥

Summer in the City XI

Psynopsis Summer in Berlin Fraenkelufer
"Don't you know there ain't no Devil - That's just God when he's drunk." ♥


Beauty | Huile d’Argane

Psynopsis Argan Oil
Just working on a highly confessional post which involves talking about my beauty products… making me realise that I managed to simplify my beauty regime to pretty much one item: organic argan oil. I’ve even come to like the weird smell. ♥


Style | Swim Beauty

Psynopsis Strapless Bikini Top
When you have as beautiful shoulders as Marie I think strapless is a perfect option… ♥


Ice-Cream of the Week | Perfect, Traditional Vanilla Ice-Cream

Psynopsis Vanilla Ice-Cream and Cookies
I totally and utterly blame Tiffany for this new project – but I'm actually really glad she nudged my into it… because – without ever planning to – I've become somewhat of an ice-cream expert, thinking, living and eating! ice-cream 24/7…