Berlin | Beauty

Psynopsis Südwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf 1

Psynopsis Südwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf 2

Psynopsis Südwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf 3
Some days there's nothing like hanging out in places where dead people lie in style… ♥


Style | Revenge of the Bommel

Psynopsis Berlin Streetstyle Turquoise Hats
Children, women, men… the 'bommel' cap is all around. J. says he'd rather die than be seen wearing one. I don't know... they're kinda cute, on young girls. ♥


Berlin | Frozen City

Psynopsis Frozen Landwehrkanal Urbanhafen

Psynopsis Frozen Landwehrkanal Ice-Hockey

Psynopsis Frozen Landwehrkanal Dalmatian
It's been so cold for so long that freestyle ice-hockey and jogging on your local waterways has become the new weekend entertainment…  It's quite magical, really. ♥


Style | Sheer Apparition

Psynopsis Philippe Starck Ghost Chair
Philippe Starck's Ghost Chair. I must have been 7 when I decided that plexiglass furniture is the thing. ♥



Berlin | Go Twice

Psynopsis Double-Eye Akazienstrasse Berlin
The locals might hate me for this, as they like to keep the place to themselves... Double-Eye, Akazienstrasse. Clever baristas who know how to use their Strada = very good coffee indeed; plus too small for the I-hang-around-with-my-Apple crowd. ♥


Life | You Only Live Twice

Psynopsis Happy New Year 2013

Bonne Année! Happy New Year, sweetz! Here's to 2013 which I'm starting with a small (or maybe bigger) blog break becaauuuuse a) I'm in the midst of some projects (something to do with 'making a home' and 'daily survival') that really need all my attention and b) I'm a bit confused in my vision for Psynopsis. But I think I'll come back… I think I want to. Anyhow, I did a bit of reminiscencing the last few days, thinking about all the fun we had here the last 3 years… The beautiful girls who've ruled this blog, like Harriet and Angelica, Morgaine, Abi and, naturally, Sarah. Also, the wonderful bloggers who shared their London tips, the knitting and styling adventures at Saint Martins, the many styling questions and Take 10 challenges, my sometimes successful, often not so DIY projects, and the dolce vita times in Italy. Naturally, nothing would have been anything without YOU – reading, commenting, adding suggestions and encouragement. So before I start snivelling I'll just wish you the BEST New Year. Let's keep it at: Hasta la Vista, baby. ♥ ♥ ♥

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